Recent Trial Result:

Bexar County Probate Court. Ron Salazar represented the mother of a medical doctor who had been rendered completely incapacitated because of a brain aneurism. Ron Salazar’s client, the mother, wanted to be named the guardian of her daughter’s estate (control of financial assets) and of her body (control over medical decisions). The medical doctor’s husband claimed by law he should be first in line to be appointed guardian of his wife’s estate and body. Even though the Husband was right that he was first in line to be appointed guardian, after trial, a judgment was entered in favor of Ron Salazar’s client making her guardian of her daughter’s estate and body.

Recent Trial Results:

Bexar County District Court. Ron Salazar represented a local company who had been sued for wrongful termination by a former employee. On behalf of his client, Ron Salazar counter sued claiming the former employee had published false statements about Ron Salazar’s client on the internet. After a three day trial, Ron Salazar’s client won a judgment for $584,086.82 and the former employee’s claims were dismissed.

What do I do if I have been defrauded by an investment advisor?

The oil and gas fields of South Texas and in particular the fracking production in the Eagle Ford have created an unprecedented opportunity for dishonest “investment advisors” and “investment brokers” to lure unsuspecting clients into fraudulent deals and investment schemes.
These investment schemes include (1) outright theft of the investment, (2) ponzi schemes where “investment advisors” illegally take a portion of a new investor’s money and then disguise that money as an investment return to an old investor, (3) illegally taking a percentage of the investment as a fee, and (4) Section 10(b) and Section 11 securities fraud which entail misleading and deceptive activities to sell securities and public offerings to raise business capital.
Regardless of the scheme, we are seeing intentionally inaccurate financial information, manipulation of financial statements and the use of questionable or unacceptable accounting practices to make an investment look profitable. All of these practices constitute fraud.
At the Ron Salazar Law Firm, our experience in representing clients in the South Texas Oil Fields and litigating in South Texas coupled with our oil field production and forensic accounting experts allows us to effectively recover investments for clients. Our experience in post judgment collection allows us to aggressively pursue the “investment advisor” until the entire judgment won in the litigation is collected.

My house caught on fire because of a defective product, what can I do?

You can and should bring a claim against the manufacture of the product. Many products have a long history of starting fires in homes, destroying property and injuring family members. The law hold manufactures liable when they manufacture or design a defective product. Ron Salazar has represented many clients in product defect cases including cases against home products that cause fires and explosions. If you have questions, or need help, call Ron Salazar at (210) 627-9000.

What should I do if I am not being paid my full royalty interest?

It is not unusual for royalty interests to be underpaid. Underpayments can cost royalty owners very significant amounts of money. Underpayments can happen because a producer pad production costs with excessive pipeline charges and “marketing” charges. Not all pipeline charges and marketing charges should be paid by the royalty owner. Sometimes producers try to charge royalty owners for oil or gas lost between the well head and the refinery. Other times, the producer can underpay royalty interest by miscalculating oil and gas royalties either intentionally or by mistake. Ron Salazar has represented royalty owners and secured significant reimbursements of underpaid royalties. If you think you are being underpaid, call Ron Salazar at (210) 627-9000. The first consultation is free.

What do I do if I think a will is fraudulent?

If you believe a will was forged, is fraudulent or the decedent either didn’t have the mental capacity to make the will or was coerced or tricked into signing a will, you need to object to the probate of the will. If you don’t, the division of assests will be determined by the will. There are time limits which can bar your rights to object to the will so you need to contact a capable attorney as soon as possible. In 2011 Ron Salazar successfully tried a case in Bexar County Texas Probate Court and can help you with your “will contest.” Call Ron Salazar at (210 627-9000 for a free initial consultation.

What happens if I die without a Will?

Many Texans never take the time to have a will drafted. In Texas, if someone dies without a Will, the Texas Probate Code sets out how the assets will be divided. Generally, the assets will be divided between the Decedent’s spouse and the Decedent’s children. What percentage of the asset that each child receives depends on the number of natural born and adopted children. If the Decedent was not married at the time of death and had no natural born or adopted children, then the assets will be divided between the Decedent’s parents and the Decedent’s siblings, nieces and nephews and so on.
If you do not have a will, call Ron Salazar at (210) 627-9000 to have a will drafted.

How to choose the best lawyer for my case?

Not all lawyers are equally qualified for your case. So ask the lawyer you are thinking about hiring, what are your credentials? How long have you been practicing law? Have you handled many cases like mine? Are you board certified in the area I need? Most importantly, have you been recognized by your peers (other lawyers and judges) for your legal ability. Some lawyers brag on TV about how great they are, but pay attention to what a lawyers peers say about the lawyer you are thinking about hiring.
Sometimes the lawyer you hire is not the lawyer who will work on your case. So ask, who exactly is going to be doing the majority of the legal work on my case? You don’t want to hire an attorney who you think is qualified only to later learn your case is being handled by some inexperienced junior lawyer.
Ron Salazar has been judged as “pre eminent” by his peers and is rated as “AV.” This is the highest rating a lawyer can receive. Ron Salazar has also been identified as a “Texas Super Lawyer” in Texas Monthly Magazine and “One of San Antonio’s Best Lawyers in San Antonio Scene Magazine.
Ron Salazar has been practicing law for 20 years. Call him at (210) 627-9000.

What to do if you are in an accident

1. Take a few deep breaths to get calm;
2. Turn on your hazard lights;
3. If you are in an unsafe spot, if you can safely move your car to a safe location, do so;
4. Call 911;
5. If it is safe and if you are uninjured, assist anyone who is injured;
6. If there are witnesses, get their names and phone numbers;
7. If you have a camera or cell phone camera, take photos;
8. Cooperate with the police answering all questions;
9. If you are injured, tell the police officer;
10. Serious injuries are not always obvious at the scene of the accident, so if you think you are injured, follow up with a health care provider as soon as possible;
11. Call The Ron Salazar Law Firm at (210) 627-9000.

Auto Insurance

Make sure your auto policy includes uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. These are coverages that protect you, your family and your passengers. Personal Injury Protection is so good, your insurance company will ask you to sign a form saying you decided you didn’t want it. If you are in an auto accident, the Personal Injury Protection coverage will pay you for 100% of your medical expenses and 80 of your lost wages, regardless of who is at fault. If you have any questions, call me at (210) 627-9000.