What do I do if I have been defrauded by an investment advisor?

The oil and gas fields of South Texas and in particular the fracking production in the Eagle Ford have created an unprecedented opportunity for dishonest “investment advisors” and “investment brokers” to lure unsuspecting clients into fraudulent deals and investment schemes.
These investment schemes include (1) outright theft of the investment, (2) ponzi schemes where “investment advisors” illegally take a portion of a new investor’s money and then disguise that money as an investment return to an old investor, (3) illegally taking a percentage of the investment as a fee, and (4) Section 10(b) and Section 11 securities fraud which entail misleading and deceptive activities to sell securities and public offerings to raise business capital.
Regardless of the scheme, we are seeing intentionally inaccurate financial information, manipulation of financial statements and the use of questionable or unacceptable accounting practices to make an investment look profitable. All of these practices constitute fraud.
At the Ron Salazar Law Firm, our experience in representing clients in the South Texas Oil Fields and litigating in South Texas coupled with our oil field production and forensic accounting experts allows us to effectively recover investments for clients. Our experience in post judgment collection allows us to aggressively pursue the “investment advisor” until the entire judgment won in the litigation is collected.