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Business Litigation

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Oil and Gas Disputes

Oil and gas disputes between mineral interest holders and oil and gas companies are not unusual. Disputes can arise over leasehold operations, bonuses, royalties, delay rentals, gas mismeasurement, surface damages, title ownership, etc. Disputes may also arise regarding damages from drilling operations, drainage, failure to develop, wrongful pooling or pricing.

Many clients may require legal assistance in drafting, negotiating and interpreting oil and gas contracts, leases, joint operating agreements, exploration agreements, sales and purchase transactions, surface damage agreements and other related contracts. We can help you with your oil and gas issues. Call Ron Salazar at (210) 627-9000.

Breach of Contract

Contract disputes can arise both between individuals and in business settings. If you are involved in a situation where another party is not living up to their obligations, or is claiming you are not living up to yours, call Ron Salazar (210) 627-9000 so that we can explore your situation and seek the legal remedy to which you are entitled.

Breach of Fiduciary Relationship

Many business relationships involve trust. When an individual places their trust and confidence in another person who then agrees to be accountable and accepts that responsibility, a fiduciary relationship can arise. Fiduciary relationships are also automatically created under the law in certain special trustee to beneficiary, stockbroker to his client, attorney to client, doctor to patient. For example, when a securities broker puts his interest ahead of the investor’s interests, a breach of fiduciary relationship may have occurred.

If you are in a situation where you believe a fiduciary has breached his or her duty to you, call Ron Salazar at (210) 627-9000 so that we can evaluate the situation and assist you in pursuing your rights.

Individual results will vary based on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. No representation is made by way of this website as to the outcome of any given case.