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Current Projects

Wrongful Death Caused by Airplane Crash

Orleans Parish, Louisiana. We are representing the family of an individual who was struck and killed by a float plane while out for an afternoon of pleasure boating on a Louisiana bayou. The plane’s pilot failed to ensure a clear path for takeoff and crashed into the boat causing a fatal injury.

Oil and Gas Measurement Lawsuit

Starr County, Texas. We are representing a family who entered into an oil and gas lease and were consistently underpaid due to the oil company’s miscalculation and inaccurate measurements of the amount of oil and gas they were recovering from the lease.

Oil and Gas Ownership Lawsuit

Zapata County, Texas. We are representing a family in a dispute with an oil and gas company over their mineral ownership interests. Over the years, mineral interests can become complex as family members buy, sell and pass down their mineral interests especially in lands that are owned collectively by multiple people. We are working to ensure that our clients receive all of the royalty income owed to them by the oil company.

Defense of Physician Sued by Insurance Company

US District Court, Southern District, Houston. We are representing a physician who was sued by an insurance company that questioned the medical necessity of prescriptions that were written for patient pain management. It is imperative that physicians be allowed to make health care decisions based on medical expertise and individual patient needs. Therefore, we are vigorously defending this physician.

Insurance Company Refuses to Compensate Insured Driver

Bexar County, Texas. We are representing an individual who was seriously injured as a passenger in an automobile accident. The client required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitative therapy. Though the driver of the other car was 100% at fault and our client was fully insured, the insurance company has refused to financially compensate her for her injuries. We are aggressively pursuing resolution of this lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Caused by 18-Wheeler

Hidalgo County, Texas. We are representing the spouse and minor children of a man killed in Mexico when an 18-wheeler loaded with 20 ton rolls of paper lost part of its load on a city street. The negligent loading of this cargo resulted in a roll of paper falling from the 18-Wheeler and crushing the vehicle next to it, killing an innocent individual and leaving a family without a father.

Wrongful Death Caused by Defective Automobile

Starr County, Texas. We are representing the family of an individual killed in an automobile crash caused by the catastrophic failure of a defective automobile.

On the Job Burn Injury—Oil Field

Wise County, Texas. We represent an individual who was working in an oil field with a sand separator, which due to negligence had been screwed together improperly. The improper joining of pipes caused a valve to blow under high pressure blasting sand out into the individual’s face and causing extensive injuries.

Automobile Accident

Bexar County, Texas. We represent a mother and her children who were injured when a pickup truck cut across traffic and broad-sided her vehicle. Her vehicle was badly damaged and she and her children required  medical care.

Individual results will vary based on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. No representation is made by way of this website as to the outcome of any given case.